About Us – Acoustic Treatment

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Acoustic treatment is a precise yet fluid science. Noise, and clarity are important factors to consider in every space. Noise in quite spaces or silence in large spaces. All affect how we feel in a almost any environment.

Acoustic treatment addresses sounds we do or don’t want in our environment. For example, we don’t want to hear the kitchen noise in a quiet restaurant. Likewise, a lively party lounge may not want an acoustically dead room.

In both these cases, acoustic treatment is designed specifically for each situation. No two solutions are identical.

Mixed use buildings have more complex issues. Consider a hall that hosts concerts, weddings, and markets. Each use requires a different acoustic environment. One needs to control echo, one needs to reduce noise, and the other needs to raise the spirits of the people in the room.

Only a professional knows the difference and how to create a system to adapt to all the uses.